Deadlift Team

Christina Unkel

PRO & past FIFA Referee, Women’s World Cup Commentator, NCAA Soccer Rules Committee
Christina Unkel is a Professional and past FIFA referee, a litigation attorney and a tv sports analyst and entrepreneur. She has a 21-year career in refereeing with the past eleven years being at the highest professional and international levels of the game among the elite soccer players in the world.

Liz Lowe

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Liz Lowe managed and created the workout programming for IMG Academies, and most recently is the founder and co-owner of Scorch Fitness. Her workouts and training advice can be seen in Men’s Fitness Magazine, Muscle and Fitness, and

Taylor Holland

Certified Athletic Trainer with a Bachelor’s in science
Taylor Holland works with professional, collegiate, high school and endurance athletes in various sports. He is dedicated to keeping competitive athletes injury-free for life. When injury does occur, he develops performance rehab and protocol training to permit them to continue to train while recovering.

Ted Unkel

PRO & FIFA Referee, Full-Time Major League Soccer Referee
Ted Unkel is a Professional and active FIFA referee, MLS referee, and multiple-business owner. He has a 26-year referee career with the past 11 years being at the highest professional and international levels of the game. He has been responsible for taking charge of MLS Playoff Fixtures, NASL Championship, US Open Cup Final, CONCACAF Champions and Nations League appointments, and China FA Final Appointment.
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