About DLE

the vision

DLE’s vision is to close the physical athletic gap between soccer referees and soccer players from youth to professional/international by providing soccer focused E.S.P.R. strength and conditioning programs developed by certified strength and conditioning coaches who are knowledgeable with the demands of the beautiful game. E.S.P.R. training is based on the four pillars of athletic performance – Endurance, Strength, Power and Rest.  

Our Mantra

“Train while no one is watching to be ready for when everyone is watching.”

DLE delivers strength and conditioning programs powered through the Scorch Fitness App. The Scorch Fitness App enables users to manage their weekly training programs with the realities of everyday life responsibilities while feeling confident they can rely on the process to achieve their individual athletic goals to perform on the pitch. The Scorch Fitness App provides support and accountability, tracks progress, generates a summary report on user progress and users are able to view coaching videos on proper form and technique to prevent injury and improve movement.

For questions or comments contact us at info@thedeadlifteffect.com
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